Anti-Bullying Workshops at Ynystawe Primary School – 24th January 2017

As part of the school’s anti-bullying initiative Mr Lunt and four of the schools Anti-Bullying Ambassadors (Olivia Hill, Emily Roberts, Gabrielle Robinson and Bethany-Louise Stephens) recently visited Ynystawe primary to deliver anti-bullying workshops to both Year 5 and Year 6 pupils.

The workshops, which primarily focused on helping pupils to better understand what bullying is; the different forms that it can take; the importance of not being a bystander when it takes place and at ways we can try to reduce or ideally stop bullying, both went extremely well with both sets of pupils seeming to both enjoy and learn from them. I was particularly impressed with the standard of answers given by the pupils involved during the course of the day and am sure that a number of them will go on to be involved in the anti-bullying ambassador programme when they move on to Morriston in the future.

As always our pupils were exceptional throughout the day and acted as excellent ambassadors for both the school and anti-bullying throughout really helping to engage the pupils that they were working with in the session.

Mr Lunt will now look to return to the school to deliver Restorative Practice training to Year 6 later in the school year.

Mr G. Lunt