Year 13.

Year 13 Progress Evening

The progress evening for Year 13 will take place on Monday 18th November from 3.30pm – 6pm.

We look forward to seeing you to discuss your child’s progress at this very important time. Please encourage your child to make appointments with their teachers for the evening.

Thank you for your continued support.

David Meredith
Assistant Headteacher


Fantastic GCSE Results

Congratulations to our year 11 students who achieved some excellent GCSE results. Over 55% achieved at least a C grade in English and Maths, with a fantastic 82% gaining the Welsh Baccalaureate skills challenge. As an inclusive comprehensive school we were also very pleased that 98% achieved a GCSE grade in English.

Our GCSE results include 6 Year 11 pupils from our STF unit for children identified with moderate learning difficulties. All our STF children are encouraged to play a full and active role in school, sitting a range of GCSE and BTEC courses. We were delighted that they all achieved passes in a number of subjects and deserve particular congratulations.

Some particular successes include:

Madeline Pulling who achieved 5A*s, 5As and 3Bs.

Jisha Zachariah:  1Distiction*, 8As and 4 Bs

Alexander Smith: 8As and 3Bs

Katy Jeremiah:  1A*, 3As, and 5Bs

Leah Ashton:  2 Distinction*, 2As and 5Bs.

Leah Harford: 3As and 5Bs

Headteacher Mr Martin Franklin said ‘These results reflect the effort and dedication of the  pupils and staff at Morriston and come on top of outstanding A Level results where over 30% of grades were A*-A and 79% were A*-C.’

Fantastic A-Level Results

Congratulations to our A Level students for achieving excellent A Level results. This year 30.6% of grades were A*-A or equivalent, 76% of grades were A*-C or equivalent and over 96% A*-E. these results reflect the hard work and dedication of the sixth form students in Morriston and the excellent A level teaching of our staff.

This year’s results build upon the very positive and continued improvements the school has made over recent years, achieving A Level results that compare very favourably with anywhere. We are delighted that so many of our students will be progressing on to university in September, having secured places in universities across the country including Bristol, Bath, Cardiff, Loughborough, Keele, Durham as well as Swansea.

Some notable successes include:

Bradley Bankhead 2 A*s and 2 A’s – Architecture Bath

Caitlin Barrow 2 A*s and 2 A’s – Illustration Swansea

Catrin Rees 4 A’s – Social policy Bristol

Ffion Einon 1 A*, 1 A and 1 B Mathematics, Durham

Aled Williams 2A*’s and 1A – Chemical Engineering Loughborough

Adam Pawsey 1 Distinction, 1A and 2 B’s – Maths Loughborough

Georgina Tembo 1 A*, 2 A’s and 1 B – Nursing Swansea

Bethan O’Mahoney 2 A’s and 1 B – Cadio Physiology Swansea

Claire John 2Dist *s and 1 B


Changes to Mobile Phone Policy.

Dear parent / carer,

A real focus for us as a school is to ensure the very best climate for learning, so that pupils are fully prepared for lessons, any distraction is eliminated and ultimately our children progress and succeed. We have increasingly found that the use of mobile phones by pupils in school is causing a distraction and confrontation in lessons and is creating negative issues between pupils on social media.

We have made the decision to follow the lead of other schools in Swansea to ban the use of mobile phones during the school day because of the negative impact on pupil learning and wellbeing. The decision has not been taken lightly as we have undertaken significant research into the topic to consider all the issues.

We have discovered that:

  • In the UK more than 90% of teenagers own a mobile phone. In a survey conducted in 2001, no schools banned mobile phones. By 2007, this had risen to 50% and by 2017 over 98% of schools either, did not allow mobile phones on school premises, or, required them to be handed in at the beginning of the school day.
  • Most local schools do not allow pupils to access their phones during the school day.
  • Our experience at Morriston is that mobile phones are increasingly involved in creating confrontation between staff and pupils as well as between their peers. The use of mobile phones has led to a number of safeguarding issues and cyber bullying.
  • There is growing evidence to suggest that the internet and digital devices are making it harder for children to concentrate. Recent research suggests that young people who spend a lot of time alone using technology tend to have less in the way of communication skills, self-awareness and emotional intelligence.
  • There is a clear correlation between the constant use of social media and a negative impact on mental health.

The decision has been taken that the policy will be implemented after the May half term holiday, commencing 3rd June 2019. Pupils will receive information regarding the approach via their form tutors and assembly.


  1. Any mobile phone [including headphones] which is being used or visible anywhere on the school site during the school day will be confiscated by the member of staff observing the use of the phone and be stored securely in reception.
  2. On the first occasion, the phone will be returned to the pupil at the end of the school day.
  3. On any subsequent occasion, the phone will be returned to the pupil’s parent/carer who will need to make mutually convenient arrangements with the school to collect it.
  4. Should pupils need to contact parents/carers, they are asked to see their Progress Leader/attendance office staff.
  5. Parents are requested to contact reception if they need to pass a message to their son or daughter. All pupils in years 7-11 are provided with a school planner which enables them to record homework and their timetable so that they will not need to access their phone during the day.

Members of the sixth form should adhere to this policy, however, they may use mobile phones in the designated sixth form social area and work area.

The policy will be available on the website and use of mobile phones will be included within the prospectus to ensure clarity.

We would ask that you discuss this with your child and thank you in advance for your support. We appreciate that for many of our pupils this is a significant change but we strongly feel that this decision will bring positive benefits to their learning and wellbeing.

Mr M Franklin

Excellent A Level Results!

Congratulations to our Sixth form students who have achieved an excellent set of A level results this year! These results are testament to the hard work and effort put in by our students and staff and demonstrates the high quality teaching and learning at Morriston. We are delighted that all students applying to university have been offered a place.

This year 29% of grades were A*-A, this is up 7% points on last year, whilst 73% of grades were A*-C and importantly we recorded only one U grade. At Morriston we pride ourselves in providing an inclusive sixth form and these results compare very favourably with any other school.

Our A Level Results since 2015 show a sharp improvement, which along with increased numbers prove that Morriston can sustain a high performing and sustainable sixth form.

Some particularly noteworthy results include:

Calm Mukichi A* A* A A B – Medicine: Kings College London.
Emily Rees-Jones A A A A – Fashion Buying and Marketing: De Montford University.
Molly Quigley A* A A – Art and Design: Trinity St Davids.
Maisie Green A A A – Geography: Swansea University.
Ellie Houston Phillips A A A – Business Management: Swansea University.
Demi Hubbard A A A – Fashion Buying and Merchandising: Manchester University.
Bryant Gomez A A A B – Dentistry.
Jay Friswell A A C C – Computer Science: Lancaster.
Rhys George A* A B Merit – Royal Navy Air Traffic Control.
Hau Ying Leung A A B – Pharmacy: Cardiff University.
Oliver Pennery A* Dip* B C – Computer Science.

Amman Valley School races 2018 @Ammanford Leisure Centre

The Athletics club made their annual trip to Amman Valley for the 2018 event on 11th of June.
As this was one of the last fixtures of the season it was lovely to see some news faces on the team representing the Blue and Yellow.

This enjoyable evening provides school races from Nursery to year 8. With the emphasis on fun and fitness in a relaxing setting.
This does not stop the athletes giving their best and all pupils put in a great effort to finish and gain a medal of achievement.
Highlight of the night for Team MCS was Maisie Miller Year 8 who came 3rd in the yr 7/8 girls race.

The PE dept would like to thank all 30 pupils who represented the School on the night and hope to continue to see you next season.

Mr Z Maynard


On March 21st. and 22nd. over 70 pupils from year groups 7 to 13 presented ” Hairspray” the musical.”Hairspray is an incredibly challenging show and our students worked extremely hard over several months to meet the acting, singing and dancing skills required to present such a musical. The four performances that took place in our theatre were outstanding and played to capacity audiences.

Many congratulations to all involved.


Mrs. D. John.

America Ski Trip 2018

On February 16th at 6 a.m sharp, 43 excited pupils, 5 bleary eyed staff, plus Josie and Sophie James, Gill, Dec (the rep) and Gabby departed Morriston Comp heading for Heathrow to catch our flight to JFK. Our trip got off to a flying start when a few pupils decided to make full use of the free sick bag facilities on the plane. The ‘Frequently Sick Flyer Without Making a Fuss’ award undoubtedly went to Amy Charles whose aim and bag sealing skills were to be applauded. Very well done Amy.

On arrival at JFK, we were promptly collected by Yankeeline Coaches and then made ourselves as comfortable as possible (on a bus seat) for the long transfer through worryingly snow free cities and countryside until we reached the town of Lincoln. At approximately 1.30 a.m. (USA time and approximately 23 hours since leaving Morriston) 43 bleary eyed pupils, staff and small people (Josie and Sophie) finally settled into their rooms at the Kancamagus Lodge in Lincoln for a very welcome, but very brief horizontal sleep.

On the first morning we woke up to the sight of snow kissed mountains. This morning is always fun and games! Getting 43 pupils out of bed, washed and clean ready for breakfast by 6.15 am was the easy bit. Getting them to Loon Mountain armed with ski gear, an extra layer, another extra layers, lift passes, helmets, gloves, sunscreen and a smile takes an A team mentality. However, the well ski seasoned staff were ready for this challenge and by 9.00 am all the pupils had met up with their ski instructors and were raring to go and embark on day 1 of their ski adventure. By lunchtime it was clear that some pupils were progressing quickly in their quest to become proficient skiers. Those who’d skied before quickly got back into good form, exploring some of the excellent runs such as Exodus, Grand Junction, Brookway and Lower Bear Claw. Upon arriving at the starter slopes we found the beginners groups in all sorts of shapes and positions, but everyone was smiling and making good progress. (Luckily the recent snowfall meant any falls had a soft landing).

The morning of day 2 started off with a fresh downfall of snow. The slopes were pristine and the conditions perfect. Despite a few bumps and bruises (and breaks – The ‘No Whingeing Despite a Broken Wrist’ award went to Nieve Kennedy) everyone remained in good spirits as they honed their skills at on the slopes. Meanwhile, in the beginners groups steady progress was being made by all on the starter slopes. Their positive attitude was clear to see, they were loving the experience and were supporting each other as they continued with the tricky process of learning to ski. By the end of day 2 the advanced groups had moved on to the blue runs, and were whizzing around the slopes whilst the beginners could all turn left and right, some could go straight, some could do (accidental) rotations of 360 degrees, and some could even ski with their eyes open!!

Day 3 arrived and it had started to rain. Being well seasoned with the wet stuff, everyone headed off with courage and bravery to try out the wild and windy slopes of Canon Mountain. Here everyone continued making fantastic progress. Absolutely everyone made the very most of the challenges faced on this mountain (even Mrs James effortlessly swapped her board for a pair of skis and did a great double act with Josie on the slopes). By the end of Day 4 everyone was absolutely gutted that the ski part of the trip was over. Remarkably, some of the girls admitted that they were reluctant to give up the slopes for the likes of Sephora and other shops of New York. A first in our experience, and a true reflection of the positive way in which the pupils embraced the hard work and physically demanding experience of learning to ski.

Day 5 arrived and so did the sunshine. By 8.30 am we were packed and back on the coach heading towards New York City via Woodbury Common Shopping Mall. As soon as they were off the coach, the pupils disappeared like rats down a drain pipe, eager to bag the best of the very many bargains to be had. After a quick 5 hours shop and laden with goodies we were back on the coach heading to the rather posh Hilton Woodcliff in New Jersey which was to be our base for the next 2 nights. Day 6 and another early start, this time beginning with a guided tour of some of the amazing sights such as Central Park, Grand Central Station, the United Nations buildings, the Empire State Buildings and Chelsea Market to name but a few. Was it interesting? ‘You betcha!!!’ We also visited the Ground Zero Museum, built in remembrance of the events that took place in New York City on September 11, 2001. Here pupils were able to see hundreds of images and artifacts from the 9/11 recovery, and experience the visual reports and audio stories of the events from that day. Undoubtedly this part of the trip had a profoundly moving effect on everyone and yet the sensitive, respectful and incredibly mature attitude displayed by our pupils made us all feel incredibly proud despite being in such a sombre place.

In order to lift the spirits and lighten the purses once again, we finished off with a final shop around Times Square and a meal at the world famous Hard Rock Café. The ‘Most Dedicated Shopper’ award went to Levi Heatman and the ‘Fastest Teacher on Two Legs’ award went to Mrs Reed for their joint quest to get Levi a pair of fancy trainers (which he is not allowed to wear to school no matter how cool they look) from a Footlocker shop that was a good 15 minute sprint from Times Square. Well done both (and Leah) for this achievement.

Day 7 saw us packed and on the coach for a visit to The Statue of Liberty. After a wet and windy ferry crossing to Liberty Island we visited the Statue of Liberty Museum, walked inside the pedestal and had time for some quick photo shots before heading back to Manhatten to pick up our coach to get to JFK. The return journey passed without any hiccups (and without sleep for some) and 43 bleary eyed pupils were safely delivered to their parents at approximately 1 pm on Saturday afternoon.

The ‘Most Fantastic and Well Behaved Pupil’ awards go to every single pupil who took part in this trip. They were an absolute credit to the school and an absolute pleasure to take on this trip. The positive way in which they supported and interacted with each other and with all staff made us feel so proud. Everywhere we went, the behaviour of our pupils was highly praised, from the flight attendants and fellow passengers, to the hotel staff and ski instructors. Special thanks also go to our fantastic rep Dec who had such a positive experience on our ski trip last year he made sure he could accompany us on this trip too.

In summary, and in one word, this trip could only be described as ‘ansbaradigaethus.

Diolch pawb J


FIRST® LEGO® League UK and Ireland Final 2017 – 2018

Last December Morriston Comprehensive School’s team ‘Hydro Heroes’ competed against 15 other schools in the South Wales regional tournament at Swansea National Waterfront Museum. The team consists of a group of 9 pupils from Year 7 to Year 12. They were coached by Miss Dabrowska and the following Year 13’s; Rhys George (Head boy), Ryland Parker and Jay Friswell. Hydro Heroes were crowned overall winners after taking part in three rounds of the competition. A robotics challenge, which consisted of building a robot using LEGO to successfully tackle a series of missions in a timed challenge. The Research Design project encouraged the team to think about and improve how people find, transport, use or dispose of water; and present their idea to a panel of judges. Finally the team was expected to embody the FIRST® LEGO® League Core Values throughout the day and take part in a team challenge. After being crowned winners they were invited to represent South Wales in the UK and Ireland finals.

During February half term the team from Morriston Comprehensive School competed against 54 schools at the Institution of Engineering and Technology’s (IET) FIRST® LEGO® League UK and Ireland Final on Saturday, 24 February 2018 at University of the West of England in Bristol. The event was one of the largest ever FIRST® LEGO® League UK and Ireland Finals with over 500 young people attending who were all keen to demonstrate their skills in robotics, computer programming, teamwork, research, problem solving and communication.

“To take part in the UK & Ireland finals was a fantastic experience and one I’m sure myself and the team will never forget. I am incredibly proud of all of the pupils who took part; they have demonstrated perseverance and dedicated an incredible amount of their personal time to this challenge as this competition has been run as an extra-curricular activity. They have developed their computer programming, teamwork, problem-solving and communications skills alongside creating new friendships and having fun. The team are already excited about taking part in next year’s space themed challenge ‘Into Orbit’. If you are interested in joining the team or have any questions about next year’s Space themed challenge drop by my room in D2.8.

Miss. E. Dabrowska.

Sixth Form News

The Sixth Form have recently been given a talk by the DVLA on future careers and apprenticeships. Around 20 students have been invited to visit the DVLA and see for themselves the many different career opportunities there.

The RAF gave a careers talk to a number of Sixth Form and Year 11 students on the range of careers available in the service.

The BBC visited Morriston Comprehensive on Monday 12th February. Around 50 Sixth Form students were involved in a focus group.

Former Head Boy Daniel Ray gave a talk to our Year 12 students on life in university. Daniel is currently in his third year of study at Southampton University.

Two of our Sixth Form students Jade Nichol and Emily Parkins visited Auschwitz concentration camp on Wednesday 7th February as part of the Holocaust Educational Trust project.


Mr. S. Evans.