Year 9.

Changes to Mobile Phone Policy.

Dear parent / carer,

A real focus for us as a school is to ensure the very best climate for learning, so that pupils are fully prepared for lessons, any distraction is eliminated and ultimately our children progress and succeed. We have increasingly found that the use of mobile phones by pupils in school is causing a distraction and confrontation in lessons and is creating negative issues between pupils on social media.

We have made the decision to follow the lead of other schools in Swansea to ban the use of mobile phones during the school day because of the negative impact on pupil learning and wellbeing. The decision has not been taken lightly as we have undertaken significant research into the topic to consider all the issues.

We have discovered that:

  • In the UK more than 90% of teenagers own a mobile phone. In a survey conducted in 2001, no schools banned mobile phones. By 2007, this had risen to 50% and by 2017 over 98% of schools either, did not allow mobile phones on school premises, or, required them to be handed in at the beginning of the school day.
  • Most local schools do not allow pupils to access their phones during the school day.
  • Our experience at Morriston is that mobile phones are increasingly involved in creating confrontation between staff and pupils as well as between their peers. The use of mobile phones has led to a number of safeguarding issues and cyber bullying.
  • There is growing evidence to suggest that the internet and digital devices are making it harder for children to concentrate. Recent research suggests that young people who spend a lot of time alone using technology tend to have less in the way of communication skills, self-awareness and emotional intelligence.
  • There is a clear correlation between the constant use of social media and a negative impact on mental health.

The decision has been taken that the policy will be implemented after the May half term holiday, commencing 3rd June 2019. Pupils will receive information regarding the approach via their form tutors and assembly.


  1. Any mobile phone [including headphones] which is being used or visible anywhere on the school site during the school day will be confiscated by the member of staff observing the use of the phone and be stored securely in reception.
  2. On the first occasion, the phone will be returned to the pupil at the end of the school day.
  3. On any subsequent occasion, the phone will be returned to the pupil’s parent/carer who will need to make mutually convenient arrangements with the school to collect it.
  4. Should pupils need to contact parents/carers, they are asked to see their Progress Leader/attendance office staff.
  5. Parents are requested to contact reception if they need to pass a message to their son or daughter. All pupils in years 7-11 are provided with a school planner which enables them to record homework and their timetable so that they will not need to access their phone during the day.

Members of the sixth form should adhere to this policy, however, they may use mobile phones in the designated sixth form social area and work area.

The policy will be available on the website and use of mobile phones will be included within the prospectus to ensure clarity.

We would ask that you discuss this with your child and thank you in advance for your support. We appreciate that for many of our pupils this is a significant change but we strongly feel that this decision will bring positive benefits to their learning and wellbeing.

Mr M Franklin

National Reading and Numeracy Tests -Years 7, 8 and 9 – KS3

Dear Parents/Carers,

As part of the National Literacy and Numeracy Framework, all KS3 pupils in Wales will be expected to do one reading and one reasoning paper based test. The tests will be administered in school between Tuesday 30th  April and Tuesday 7th May 2018.  Please inform the school if you know in advance, or on the day, that your child will be absent between these dates.  There will be a further online procedural assessment during the Summer term.

A leaflet explaining the tests in further detail is available on the ‘Learning Wales’ website, and previous years’ tests are available to download below. The results of the tests will be communicated to you at a later date. If your child does not sit a test, they will score zero.

Please ensure that your child has the correct equipment in school to complete the tests (pens, pencils, highlighter, rubber, sharpener, protractor, calculator and ruler).

Please contact the school if you have any concerns or queries about these arrangements.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs Sarah Brewer
Assistant Headteacher

Reading Test


Numeracy Test – Procedural

2013 Test 2013 Mark Scheme
Year 7 Year 7
Year 8 Year 8
Year 9 Year 9


2014 Test 2014 Mark Scheme
Year 7 Year 7
Year 8 Year 8
Year 9 Year 9


2015 Test 2015 Mark Scheme
Year 7 Year 7
Year 8 Year 8
Year 9 Year 9


2016 Test 2016 Mark Scheme
Year 7 Year 7
Year 8 Year 8
Year 9 Year 9

Numeracy Test – Reasoning

2014 Test 2014 Mark Scheme
Year 7 Year 7
Year 8 Year 8
Year 9 Year 9


2015 Test 2015 Mark Scheme
Year 7 Year 7
Year 8 Year 8
Year 9 Year 9


2016 Test 2016 Mark Scheme
Year 7 Year 7
Year 8 Year 8
Year 9 Year 9

Sample NNF Test

Procedural Reasoning Powerpoint Reasoning
Year 7 Year 7 Year 7
Year 8 Year 8 Year 8
Year 9 Year 9 Year 9

National Reading and Numeracy Tests for Years 7, 8 and 9

Dear Parent/Carer,

The National Reading and Numeracy tests will be taking place in school between Tuesday 30th April and Thursday 2nd May.

Please find below the timetable for the tests.

There will be two tests during this period:

  1. Numeracy Reasoning Test with a duration of 30 minutes
  2. Literacy Reading Test with a duration of 1 hour.

The Numeracy procedural test is now taken online and will be sat in the week commencing 18thJune.

Tuesday  30th April Wednesday 1st May Thursday 2nd May
Periods 1 & 2 Year 7 Numeracy Year 9 Numeracy Year 8 Literacy
Periods 3 & 4 Year 8 Numeracy Year 7 Literacy Year 9 Literacy

It is important your child attempts the tests on the above dates but if they are absent for any reason a catch up session will be arranged on Friday 3rdMay.

Pupils have been preparing for these tests in their English and Maths lessons. Please support your child by ensuring they have the correct equipment for the tests, (pens, pencils, ruler, rubber, sharpener and calculator.

Past papers for pupils to practice can be downloaded by clicking on the link.

Kindest Regards

Mr D. Meredith
Assistant Headteacher

Girls into STEM day

14 year 8 and 9 girls were selected to attend an activity day in the school of applied computing in University of Wales Trinity St David, on Tuesday 9th April.  The aim of the day was to encourage girls into technology and computer related further education and careers, as currently, females make up only 9% of the workforce in the IT sector.  The pupils took apart a pc to find out the different components, designed and created Lego robots and learnt about cyber security.

Well done, girls.

Mrs R Page
Head of French Department

Year 9 Options

Year 9 Options must be chosen by Friday 22nd February 2019.

The options booklet is available on line as well as a copy of the Option columns. A Powerpoint is attached on How to choose the options and finally a copy of the dates that were given to parents/carers and pupils regarding the schedule for the Options process.

Any questions or problems, please see Mr P Greenway (Progress Leader for Year 9) or Mrs S Brewer (Assistant Headteacher).

Thank you

Mrs S Brewer – Assistant Headteacher

Year 9 options booklet

How to choose your Year 9 options

KS4 Option Programme Parent Letter 2019

KS4 Option Columns 2019


Drop Everything And Read

Morriston Comprehensive School has successfully introduced D.E.A.R: (Drop Everything And Read), into Form Time during the summer Term. This has been with all staff and pupils, across all year groups: Years 7 – 9  reading Accelerated Reader books and years 10 – 11, their own or set/text books. To everyone involved, I would like to say thank you for embracing this opportunity to begin the day in a calm, quiet and focused manner. It has been a pleasure to watch how pupils have enthusiastically used this extra designated reading time to support, improve and enhance their Literacy skills. We fully intend to resume this twice-weekly morning routine when Autumn Term begins in September. We are aiming to further embed reading for pleasure alongside Literacy confidence, becoming not just a Form Time regular ‘slot’ but a reading ‘habit’ and a fundamental part of out school ethos.
Ms. E. Butt, Literacy Co-ordinator.

Football World Cup

Morriston Comp held a different type of sports day this year with the World Cup taking place in Russia the PE dept put on an all-inclusive World Cup for year 7,8 and 9 over 3 days. With extremely hot weather every pupil put maximum effort in and every year group giving a good account of themselves. Well done to all pupils that took part!


Mr. J. Whitehead.

Amman Valley School races 2018 @Ammanford Leisure Centre

The Athletics club made their annual trip to Amman Valley for the 2018 event on 11th of June.
As this was one of the last fixtures of the season it was lovely to see some news faces on the team representing the Blue and Yellow.

This enjoyable evening provides school races from Nursery to year 8. With the emphasis on fun and fitness in a relaxing setting.
This does not stop the athletes giving their best and all pupils put in a great effort to finish and gain a medal of achievement.
Highlight of the night for Team MCS was Maisie Miller Year 8 who came 3rd in the yr 7/8 girls race.

The PE dept would like to thank all 30 pupils who represented the School on the night and hope to continue to see you next season.

Mr Z Maynard

Brilliant Club Scholars Programme 2018

Eleven of our year 9 pupils with very high target grades have been working with a PhD Tutor from Swansea University over the past few months. They have been looking at Criminology and Changing behaviours and examined why people commit crimes and what works to reduce offending.

The course asked them to produce a 2,500 word assignment which all of them produced without being chased or managed. Their work ethic and motivation were very impressive.

All pupils passed the course which is aimed at least at GCSE standard (2 years above them) However, six of the twelve produced work of an ‘Excellent standard at A level! The remaining five worked at an ‘excellent standard at GCSE.’ This is a phenomenal achievement and fantastic reward for all their hard work and dedication.

All pupils were invited to Exeter University for a graduation event which happened on a sunny day at the end of April.
The team was impressed with Exeter University’s campus and even though they didn’t particularly like the hills, they were in awe of the Student Guild, Great Hall and Student facilities.  The University grounds are covered in mature botanical gardens and they even host Weddings in their listed buildings!

PDF version of this article.

C. Richmond.


On March 21st. and 22nd. over 70 pupils from year groups 7 to 13 presented ” Hairspray” the musical.”Hairspray is an incredibly challenging show and our students worked extremely hard over several months to meet the acting, singing and dancing skills required to present such a musical. The four performances that took place in our theatre were outstanding and played to capacity audiences.

Many congratulations to all involved.


Mrs. D. John.