KS2 to KS3 Transition



Transition at Morriston Comprehensive is extensive with input from all staff at the school. We understand that being welcomed into our community can be an exciting and daunting time for pupils and parents alike. This next step in a young person’s life is of the utmost importance to us and over the years we have built a very successful transition programme to ensure that all pupils feel happy and at ease when that first day of Secondary School arrives.

The communication we have with the Cluster Primary Schools allows us to get to know the pupils, prepare them for joining us, as well as build their confidence and understanding towards the changes ahead.

Throughout years 5 and 6, pupils from our Cluster Primary schools will be invited to Morriston to take part in workshops, transition projects, team building exercises and the all important transition days. This is where they will get to know our fantastic staff, build new friendships and familiarize themselves with the outstanding facilities we have to offer. They will also get the opportunity to have taster lessons with our excellent staff. Some members of our teaching staff are also given the opportunity to visit the Primary Schools to teach engaging lessons through drama, music, literacy, and rugby to name a few.

Parents will similarly be invited to attend our hugely successful Open Evening, where they themselves can discover the incredible facilities at Morriston Comprehensive School, find out what opportunities their children will be able to access, as well as meet staff and talk through any worries or concerns.

At Morriston, we are confident that pupils can flourish with the support and guidance from our fantastic staff. We have an excellent team who will ensure that pupils are engaged in the topics, become confident in their ability and strive to be independent learners who achieve excellence for themselves.

Mrs. H. Brooks.

KS2 to KS3 Transition Manager

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